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College Admissions Consulting

Kelly Mendiola


About Me

 I am a veteran of colleges and universities.  I earned a Ph.D. in American Studies and Rhetoric and spent ten years working as a tenure- track college professor.  I use my interpersonal and analytcal skills to help high school students find and get admitted to colleges where they can thrive.



Your Future

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Experience You Can Trust

Compile a College List

I use my research and analytical skills to help students create a list of 8-10 colleges where they can succeed personally and academically.

Create Your Academic Profile

College Essay Consulting

I help students create a profile that includes grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities that will help them be attractive applicants to colleges.

I use my years of experience as a college writing professor to help students write original college essays that will appeal to college admissions committees.

Reach Your Goals


Dr. Wendy Lym, English Professor and College Consultant

"Kelly Mendiola offers amazing guidance to families navigating the college application process. She has excellent resources and exceptional research skills so you can build the best application for the right schools. Even more than that, she knows how to nurture and support the student so they feel empowered during the process." 

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Email:  /  Tel: 512 736 7013   

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