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Kelly Mendiola, Ph.D.

Finding the right fit for you

During the last two years of high school, teens are growing in independence, self awareness, and intellectual complexity.  The college application process touches on most of these growth points and can cause stress. 


As a college admissions counselor I allow parents to partake in the exciting parts of the college application process (dreaming about college options, exploring their students’ vision for the future, visiting schools), while buffering areas of potential friction (discussions of grades and test scores, applying for financial aid, meeting deadlines, and so forth). 


I walk families through the college admission process so that parents can rest assured that their student has considered the full range of college options and has presented him or herself in the best light to prospective colleges. 


This process is a collaborative one in which parents serve as consultants,  I serve as a coach and guide, and students do most of the heavy lifting in selecting and applying to colleges.

I use my decades of experience in academia, sharp analytical and research skills, and my experience relating to young adults in high schools and universities to walk students through the process of getting admitted to institutions of higher learning that include Brigham Young University, Boston College, Claremont McKenna College, Johns Hopkins University, New York University, Spelman College, and the University of Texas at Austin. I bring to this work patience, compassion, and a strong drive to help students achieve their dreams.

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